Thursday, July 06, 2006

Treatment Delayed

Just a quick note before heading off to bed. My 8th chemo round is delayed until next week Thursday, July 13. The doctor was not in today and they tried calling me while we were in Ohio to change it to last Monday. Actually they did change it and then called my work phone and wondered why I wasn't there. Duh, being in Ohio was why we couldn't do it on Monday in the first place. They knew that, but forgot, I guess.

Anyway, we drive down to Houston next Tuesday afternoon for my appointment at MD Anderson with Dr. Wierda on Wednesday, July 12. Then drive back home for chemo the next day. Then on Sunday afternoon I drive back to Houston and I will be there all week for my work until Friday afternoon. Now that week should be interesting as I will be on steroids all week!!!!

I will post this weekend about our trip to Ohio. It was great!

One more comment about little Hanna, about whom I wrote last time. Here is a poem written by Patsy Carpenter who was an on-line prayer partner of "Aunt Bebbie." This was used for Hanna's celebration service bulletin .

A Tribute To Hannah

A precious child named Hannah
Lived a short while on this earth
And I'm sure her parents
felt that she was special from her birth.

But they might not have imagined
all the people she would touch
for to know her was to love her
and we loved her oh so much.

The things she did and said while here
were cute,sweet and kind
and I feel tremendous loss
because one life she touched was mine.

May the happy memories
help heal us all the while
Like her big heart of compassion,
sense of humor, and her smile.

Hannah blessed so many
who will miss her all their life
but we're thankful that she's joyful now
with no more pain or strife.

I'm a better person now
because of Hannah Grace
and I know one day in heaven
I will see her smiling face.

May we help to carry out her wish
and the love of Jesus show,
and tell the world about Him
so that everyone can know.

Again, please continue to pray for the entire family as they struggle to adjust.


Anonymous said...

John, I've been reading your blog and am finding it so engaging and informative. Thanks for spotlighting the thread about Aunt Bebbie and Hannah. It's beautifully meaningful!
Best wishes on your upcoming appointment and treatment.
Bonnie, the un-annonymous

Dan O'Mara said...

John, good luck with your continuing Chemo and say hi to Bill Wierda for us when you see him. As for the steroids, get ready for the munchies and hope you've got a favorite ice cream already picked out. My experience with steroids is a craving for sweets. As for the smile on my face in the picture, it's amazing what you can get used to. I never used to give blood because I thought it would hurt. Now I'm cracking jokes with the nurses as they suck out six 60cc syringes worth of blood.

Debbie Light said...

Thanks John for posting Patsy's Tribute To Hannah.Please continue to keep us in your prayers as each day we try to adjust to life without Hannah.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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