Monday, September 04, 2006

We Leave On The Cruise Tomorrow - We Hope

We are excited. We leave in the morning to drive to Galveston to catch the ship which departs at 4 p.m. All packed and I am about ready to go to bed.

Unfortunately both Cheri, my daughter, and Jimmy, my 11 year-old grandson, are sick with deep chest and head congestion. We think it is just colds as there is no fever. Cheri got sick Thursday night and went to the doctor Friday morning. She got a precautionary shot and several other medicines. Jimmy woke up with it this morning. I hope they let us on the ship as they take that seriously as they don't want other passengers getting ill.

We are all traveling down to the port in our SUV and I just might make everyone wear surgical masks. That would be quite a sight! Pray that they get better quickly so they can enjoy the trip and pray that none of the rest of us catch this, whatever it is.


Jenny Lou said...

that head congestion is going around. I have it also. I hope everyone is better and the cruise goes as planned. You will have so much fun--I will be thinking of you and envying you.

DavidE said...

Are you back? How was your trip????