Sunday, September 17, 2006

Light The Night Walk

Light The Night Walk is one of the major fundraisers that the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) has each year at many locations around the country. This year's local walk is at the Dell Diamond on October 28, 2006.

I walked for the first time last year and was able to raise over $2600 with the support of my fantastic family, friends and co-workers. The LLS supports patients and families of those who are battling various forms of blood cancers - leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. They help fund all kinds of research to find a cure for these diseases. Seventy five percent of the money raised goes directly to patient support and research. Local chapters have paid staff and many volunteers.

This year my wife, daughters, and I have formed a team and will walk as the Wagner Family Team. Supporters carry red balloons and survivors carry white balloons. The local society asked me to be one of their Honored Patients this year. They were looking for someone in each age category and I guess I fill the bill for the the old guy category. Most individuals who are walking and raising funds do so in memory of or in honor of someone they know who either died from a blood cancer or who is surviving from blood cancer. However, there are many corporate and school teams walking who do not know anyone, so the "Honored Patients" help put a face to the disease.

Some of you who are reading this will be getting an email from me in the next week or two asking for your support again this year. However, I would be honored if anyone reading this would like to support me in my efforts. If you are not able to donate, I certainly understand. I would ask that you provide prayer support, if you are so inclined. Together we might be able to help researchers find a cure! Research takes money and that is why I am doing this. There are many clinical trials taking place with new treatment options that weren't available to my dad just a few short years ago. Fortunately the type of leukemia I have is very slow and I hold out the faith and hope that a cure will be found in time that I and many of my cyber friends at and who are fighting this disease will benefit from that discovery.

My fundraising site is at:

Cheryl's is at:

Cheri's is at:

Cindy's isn't quite set up yet, but it will be soon and I will edit this post and post it then.

Just to let you know, I am feeling really well. I went to my primary care doctor this week for refills of my regular medications. He did a CBC, which he never had done before and my results were terrific! WBC 5.0, RBC 4.52, Hemoglobin 15.2, etc., etc. Everything but platelets were in the normal range and they weren't bad at all at 128. He always checks my cholesterol, blood sugar and liver enzymes. My cholesterol was the best ever - 133. Triglycerides were 79, a personal best. Three years ago they were hanging out in the 600 range, ouch! For the first time ever the good cholesterol, HDL, was in the normal range, 40. Miraculously, and I don't understand how it could be, but my A1C (3 month blood sugar test) was 5.2, well within the normal range of 4.0 - 6.0.

So, as I told the folks over at, I think I found the cure. A nice, relaxing cruise!!! Now, if we can just get funding for some clinical trials. Maybe I will contact the LLS. I think Hawaii just might bring my platelets up!


Loren said...

Hi John,
Thanks for the information about Light the Night. I am posting the links on my blog if that is ok. I am not in a position to help you financially right now, but you and all the others at CLLForum are in my prayers always.


DavidE said...

Looks like you exceeded your goal!!!!

DavidE said...

Mary needs an update!
Our thoughts and prayers are with you each and every day! :)