Saturday, March 04, 2006

Recent Blood Test

This is just a quick post as I promised a couple of folks I would post it tonight. I went to San Angelo this week and had a good time. Especially because I got to go out to dinner one night with my former pastor and his wife, both very good friends - Earl and Paula Dunn. They have always been such tremendous support for our family for over 33 years!

I also had encounters with two more people dealing with cancer. I will write about that next week as it is late and I am tired, even after a long nap.

Anyway, here are my test results from today:

The nurse who gave me the results said it looks like a go for Monday. Here are the highlights (well, highlights for me, at least! )

WBC 6.7 k/ul (Normal ref range for males: 4.0-11.0 k/ul *
Neutrophil # 1.6 K/uL (Normal 3.0-7.0 K/uL)
Lymphocyte # 4.6 K/uL (Normal 1.0-4.0 K/uL) *
Lymphocyte % 67.90 (Normal 19.00-48.00%) Looking MUCH better! *
RBC 4.19 M/uL (Normal 4.70-6.10 M/uL) *
HGB 14.40 g/dl (Normal 13.00-17.00 g/dl)
HCT 39.40% (Normal 37.00-49.00%)
Platelets 86 K/uL (Normal 130-400 K/uL) Have been worse *

* All are important, but these are the most important to me right now. WBC was previously up over 40,000 and Lymphocytes have been way up in that range too with the percentage over 90%. Those are the main indicators for this type of Leukemia, so to see the WBC in the normal range again is fantastic. They lymph count is very close to normal and the percentage isn't that far away.

So really a fantastic report. As I told the Dunns, I almost feel guilty that things are going so well when so many have such a difficult time with their treatments. I am truly blessed and truly blessed by having people from all over the country praying for me. Thank you all!


Paula and Earl said...

John: All I have to say is, "Yea!", and good for you. Thanks for the update. You know we love you and are praying for you.

DavidE said...

John - I hope you get this before Monday - good luck, we're always behind you!!! Thoughts and prayers for John and Cheryl - God is watching, we're all praying - peace be with you.

John Wagner said...

Yes, I read this Sunday night. Thank you. You know I appreciate the prayers and the prayers of so many are what sustains us.

Paula and Earl,
Thank you, too. God is great!

Anonymous said...

John, not quite sure to make of the numbers, but it is obvious you were very excited. I haven;t seen you that excited since mids in Germany. Come to think of slept thru a lot of those. Anyway, I'm thrilled to see that you are making such good progress. Hopefully my prayers are helping. As one of our former nuns once told me (she was a very good friend) you just have to pray hard enough to give God a headache. So you can brag that there is a candle burning continuously for you in a Catholic church. That way you have all the bases covered, so to speak. Keep up the good work, Stay strong in your faith and let all your friends do the praying for you. Cheers.....MIke Winter

Anonymous said...

I noticed your responses to Terry's posts, and decided to come over to see how you are doing. Numbers look good--hope you are feeling well.
God's timeing is perfect. Keep on His clock!

Take good care,
Laura C. in Ohio

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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