Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are You Having Trouble With My Blog? Is There a Malfunction?

I can see that something strange has been happening in the last couple of days when someone from Indianapolis, Indiana, tried coming to my blog. Today, from 10:48:02 until 10:54:05, about 84 pages opened up for this person from Indiana. Most were only a second or two apart. It happened to this person yesterday, too, and between yesterday and today, this person had 121 entries to pages. Either this person is a speed reader or something is wrong. Something similar happened several weeks ago when my daughter went to read my blog from her iPhone. She said a bunch of pages kept opening in rapid fire and about 50 opened before she could get it shut down. She didn't remember exactly what she did that might have triggered that. Since there is no identifying information that my counter collects, I can't contact the person in Indiana to see what happened.

If you are the person in Indiana or if you have had similar trouble, please let me know in the comments section, or send me an email to: jtw890 @ aol . com (Of course the email address is without spaces. I did it that way so the automatic email collectors wouldn't get it and start spamming me.) If I can get some details, I will get in touch with the Blogger administration folks to see if we can get it fixed. I sure don't want folks getting upset when they are trying to come here for information.

However, if you really are a speed reader and just can't get enough of my fabulous writing, I need to know that too, because even old, fat, bald guys need their ego stroked sometimes.

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