Monday, August 21, 2006

A One Week Waiting Game

Last week I was supposed to have a PET Scan, but the insurance wouldn't pay, so I ended up with another CAT scan (hey a cat is a pet, right?). This morning I had my third bone marrow biopsy (BMB) since diagnosis. This is the important test for right now. If the marrow is less than 30% infiltrated with those little cancer nasties, I will enjoy some period of going back to watch and wait. If it is more than 30%, on the advice of Dr. Wierda at MD Anderson and my local doctor, I will have to do some type of further treatment to push this further into "intermission." (Some don't like the term remission. Cheryl loves it, I think it is great too, but many don't understand it. This cancer will come back at some point in the future, so I will use "intermission.")

The BMB went very, very well. It was CT assisted with conscious sedation. The CT scan apparently helps pinpoint where the best place to drill will be. (Soon I will be glowing in the dark from all the radiation!) I told them if they struck oil in the drilling, I wanted to collect on the residuals, but if all they got was natural gas, I would apologize in advance.

I was mostly awake, but felt no pain! I still feel no discomfort at all and I think all the anesthesia has worn off. Same as my first one done there over a year ago, and much better than the one at MD Anderson a year ago. That one really hurt and I wrote in detail about it earlier in this blog.

Before I started chemo, my bone marrow was 90% infiltrated, so, after seven months of chemo I better see a good reduction or I will have to have a stern talk with my inner mouse/hamster. Wouldn't it be great to get a report that says at the present time it is undetectable in the marrow? Well, I have to wait a week to find out. Next Monday afternoon is an important appointment with my oncologist/hematologist!


Karen said...

Nothing like good drugs during a BMB! Hope you have good results!

Jenny Lou said...

Rock on little hamster.......see you and Cheryl this Saturday for blinner.

Paula and Earl said...

We are pulling for a good report John. We hope your inner mouse/hamster has been doing all he/she should. Love you!

Margaret said...

Ah, the wait can be worse than all the treatments and BMB's in the world. I am praying for you, John! Get those mouse ears out! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi John, Loren here. Checking out your blogspot and I love it. I wouldn't mind doing such a thing myself as i love to write. Problem is I can't seem to keep my mind out of the gutter long enough to write anything serious. Oh well, I am glad BMB went well for you. I always look forward to them.