Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This Week's Blood Test

Sorry this is late. I actually have gotten several emails wondering how I am doing and wondering where Monday's post was. Well, I am in a hotel in Waco, TX, for my job. I was going to post last night but fell asleep before I got to it. Then tonight, I spent a lot of time reading all the new posts over at the CLL Forum. There are now 4o8 members, after only two months in existence and it has become a very busy site. But, wow, the support and caring of the members is fantastic! We are a true community.

Anyway, I am doing fine, mood is better, and the blood test results yesterday are still looking good. I was expecting my red cell count to be down quite a bit, only because the past week I have been very tired and taking long naps, but it wasn't. Even though I was working from home, I had to put in for a few hours leave a few of those days because I didn't get eight hours of work done. Four hour naps can take a bite out of your day. Hmm, maybe I am just getting lazy?

Here are my latest results:

WBC 4.6 (normal 4.0-11.0)
Lym# 2.5 (normal 1.0-4.0)
Lym% 54.60 (normal 19-48%)
Neu# 1.4 (normal 3.0-7.0)
Neu% 29.9 (normal 40-74%)
EOS# 0.0 (normal 0.1-0.4)
RBC 4.38 (normal 4.70-6.10)
HGB 14.8 (normal 13.00-17.00)
PLTS 101 (normal 130-400)

The really important ones (to me) are the WBC, Lym# (cancer load indicator), Neu# (infection fighters), RBC (anemia indicator), and PLTS (clotting factor). So, you can see that things really are looking good, with perhaps the Neutrophils becoming a concern. However, the doctor doesn't get real concerned unless I start getting infections or they get to 1.0 and below. Then he will treat to get them up. My platelets, although still low, are heading in the right direction. Over 100 is very good. All in all, my inner mouse/hamster is kicking cancer's butt. YEA! Keep it up, tough guy!

Next blood test and treatment is next week Monday.

In the last couple of days, I have gotten several emails from folks whom I didn't know were reading my ramblings here. Thank you so much. I really can't express adequately my gratitude for the support, caring, and prayers from so many people. Cheryl and I and the rest of the family truly do appreciate it. We do feel the love!

I am looking forward to this coming Sunday - Easter. A time of true celebration for Christians. The class of adults I teach on Sunday morning has decided that we will suspend for one week the study we are doing in Exodus and have a Resurrection emphasis. We are going to take a few minutes to exam what the "Gospel of Judas" is really all about. You may have heard some news reports in the last week or two. The one I heard on NBC news last week said it was shaking the foundations of Christiandom! I think NOT!

Well, must get my beauty rest (hmm, even the extra sleep isn't helping in THAT area!). Thanks for reading and thanks for caring.


Karen said...

Woo hoo! Way to go, butt-kicking hamster! :)

Paula said...

John: I think you are beautiful, so just keep getting that beauty rest. Paula

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