Sunday, January 29, 2006

Off Steroids

Well, it is Sunday evening and I took the last steroids last night - yea! I am glad because they were beginning to make me a little grumpy yesterday and today. Emotions are right on the surface. Today felt strange, somewhat surreal and like I was under a heavy weight.

I am a deacon in our church and I was scheduled to give the morning prayer for the pastor and the sermon. Just previous to the sermon, we had a guest, Johnny Ray (I can't remember his last name) who sang three special songs that touched me to my soul. The second song was how Jesus carries our burdens and our heavy load for us and the third was how we can run to Him when we need Him. Johnny Ray told us before he began to sing that he was not going to sing that second song but God impressed upon him that he must, because there were people present that needed to hear it. There is no way I can describe how beautiful those songs are here, but I got very emotional as did several others. The Jones' family was sitting across the aisle and many were in tears, our friends, Frank and Sylvia McDonald, sat in front of me (I was on the second pew) and she was crying. Sylvia reached behind and took my hand and then I started. When the songs were over, it was my turn to pray. I did everything I could to keep my composure. When I came down the stairs after praying, I felt afraid I might trip and fall and I held onto the lectern -- felt like an old man. However, I was so grateful for the message in song that was given to us.

After the service it was time to teach my Bible study class. I felt like I was in a fog. My wife and daughter said it went fine and I only got rambling at the end. Cindy said she could tell I was trying really hard to be clear. I don't remember much.

I came home from church and went to bed for a few hours. Yea, sleep. Later in the afternoon we went out to eat at the Cracker Barrel - comfort food. It was good. I was feeling some better, but still a little strange. Later in the evening, I needed to go to the gas station to get gas for Cheryl's car, and to the grocery store for a few things for Mom and us. My grumpiness came out again. Cindy was over at the house and she said she would go with me. Well, like a jerk, I interpreted that as they didn't trust me to go out by myself. I told them I didn't want to be treated like an invalid and I was perfectly capable of going alone. Hmmm. Seems she just needed a few things too. Sigh. She went with me and my grumpiness passed. Sure hope it doesn't stick around very long. I don't like that. It is not fair to Cheryl and those that are only trying to help.

My son-in-law, Marc, is out of the hospital. They gave him some steroids (don't like that word) in his shoulder and that has eased his pain. However, he was also told that two of the vertebrates in his neck/back are collapsed with no cushion or fluids to protect the nerves. He was told not to do anymore race car driving (which he loves), no swimming or diving, and nothing that might cause injury. The doctor said a whiplash could leave him a paraplegic. WOW! The doctor said the rest of his spine was that of a 70 year old man. He will need neck/back surgery in the future. The goal is to get him medical insurance and get through a year so that pre-existing conditions will be covered. The bill for just the ER and tests, not counting the rest of the hospital stay and doctors, was well over $10,000! Sheesh.

My oldest brother is out of the hospital too. They are still pretty convinced he had/has a viral infection causing the fluid build up around his heart. The only thing they are waiting to rule out is Lyme disease. He sounds good and is glad to be home. My youngest brother flew back to NY and made it safely also.

Well, it is midnight and I am going to work tomorrow. I should be really tired right now, but I am not. Maybe it takes time for all the Prednisone to get out of my system. Guess I will try a Bendadryl again. (The times shown at the end of the blog entries are when I first start to compose the entry and that is Pacific time -- two hours earlier than here. Just didn't want you to think I was lying about the time and then you get grumpy, too. HA!)

Oh, by the way, I was sitting watching TV last night and just ran my hand up through my hair on the side of my head (the only place I still have it) and came up with lots of strands. Then I tugged gently and came up with many more. That's not supposed to happen for a few more weeks. I may be shaving it off sooner than I expected. I think it will look funny. I may even post a picture here when it happens. Also, NO NAUSEA! And, I didn't take any nausea medication today, at all. Thank you Lord!


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